Home Listing Service

        Highspire Homes, Inc. has been in the business of selling manufactured homes for over sixty years. Selling your home by yourself can be frustrating, time consuming, and can invade your privacy. Have people told you they definitely wanted your home, never to be heard from again? Did a buyer truly want your home, but couldn’t find financing?
Highspire Homes, Inc. can make these worries disappear, while selling your home faster, and getting you a better price.

        Highspire Homes, Inc. offers several advantages over realtors and dedicated manufactured home resellers. Realtors are generally not knowledgeable about manufactured homes and financing sources, and typically steer prospects to higher commission properties. Manufactured home resellers can tie you up with multi-page restrictive contracts, very high or hidden commissions, while restricting your communication with potential buyers.

        Highspire Homes, Inc. offers the following advantages to help you sell your home:

     1. After more than 60 years in business, we are the recognized name in manufactured housing in central PA. Our sales          center attracts those interested in both new and pre-owned homes.
      2. National internet listing of your home with several photos. Half of our listings are sold to people outside central PA.
     3. National internet co-brokering. We enlist the help of realtors and other home listers to sell your home faster at no          additional cost to you.
      4. The highspirehomes.com website brings in calls from those looking for pre-owned homes.
     5. One page plain language contract. You have the option of choosing your commission, whether it is a percentage of          sales price, fixed commission, or anything above a fixed sales price.
      6. We encourage you to speak with potential buyers, as you are the best advocate for your home.
     7. You can specify when and how your home can be shown. Keep in mind that the more flexible you are, the more          potential customers will have the opportunity to see your home.
     8. We have access to many financing sources, including out of state companies, familiar with manufactured housing.
     9. We pre-qualify prospects so that only qualified customers will view your home.
   10. We assist your buyer in obtaining community approval.
   11. We can arrange repairs required by you, the park management, or the customer to close the sale of your home.
   12. Closings, notary, and title work are conveniently completed at our office.

If you feel that Highspire Homes, Inc. can help sell your home, call Dale Yingst at (717) 944-7437 for more information.